Arianna is an emerging and eclectic character within the contemporary fashion system arena. Born Italian, adopted by London, with a Milanese attitude. A cosmopolitan world traveller for whom going around the planet is a necessity.

Travelling might be an innate need for Arianna, but another passion Arianna developed very early was for fashion. She cultivates both very intensely by helping herself with stimulating itineraries which are often connoted by new acquaintances and creative inspirations.

She moves comfortably around the world’s trendiest capitals and often lives her journeys in  a thoroughly contemporary Baudelairean “flâneur” style. Travels enable her to connect the dots by gathering and writing down her maps along different lifestyles and fashion patterns to reinterpret them in her own way.

To enhance the identity of her collections and highlight their character, Arianna selects and directs a high-quality creative team and a production group who are bound to execute her guidelines and enhance her potential; this is made possible by her ability to act as the company’s founder and the creative director of her ready-to-wear clothing line for women, too.

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