Laura Pausini wears 57London

Apr 13, 2018 | 57London, Celebrities

Quality, commitment, passion


Laura Pausini perfectly embodies these characteristics: an exceptional modern wanderer and a proudly Made in Italy international star.  We are profoundly proud that such a passionate and talented woman has chosen 57London. 

Laura has chosen to wear our Special Edition Diane Jacket to introduce “Frasi a metà”, her latest single marketed as “Verdades a media” on the Latin market. A strong song enriched with rock sounds, “Frasi a metà” features straightforward lyrics that leave no room to misunderstandings.

Our Diane jacket’s sleekness fully mirrors such an empowered and to-the-point state of mind. It’s a signature jacket for a signature song. The pillars at the base of success are commitment, impeccable production and a relentless attention to details along and, mostly, natural talent. 

Laura Pausini’s personal career is the living proof: a history of repeated triumphs which speaks for itself. At 57London we ask our skilled artisans the same dedication.

We always make sure that the production process is carried out by a single artisan. And we do this because you are special to us. 

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