You can’t fight gravity
Gravity. The quintessential force of nature that anchors life and gives it rhythm.
The inspiration of this collection is the gravity between people, that immutable force that drives people toward each other. 
Arianna interprets gravity as a multifaceted magnetism that can take an erotic dimension as much as an intellectual one and anywhere in between on the spectrum. Imagined for the woman who explores her magnetism confidently, who celebrates what she finds attractive about herself, who doesn’t fight her own gravity.
Clean lines, sensual silhouettes, constructed from sequins, sumptuous Italian silks, lace, crisp cotton and bamboo, articulate a theme of modern attraction.
Self identity is celebrated both in cream white tuxedo inspired outfits and radiant evening dresses. 
Shapeshifting like the moon in its natural cycles, the color palette incorporates the upcoming season’s most iconic colors and hues: blood moon orange, white, infinity black, purple.


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