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Making a difference with our mètier

Through exceptional quality, ethical sourcing and seasonless made-to-order

We have shaped our design, sourcing and creation of garments to guarantee that when you purchase an item, it has been designed to be seasonless and to last, it is constructed from the finest and highest quality fabrics and tailored by skilled Italian craftswomen and craftsmen. 

When you purchase one of our creations, you pay for knowing that we took time to create a garment for you in an ethical, sustainable and lasting manner. This takes us on average 5-7 working days before we can ship your purchase.

The magic behind our métier explained in 4 steps.

The perfect fabrics and hardware

Once you place an order for an item in the size that you prefer, we order from guaranteed supplies of fabric and hardware the quantity required to craft your garment without waste or excess.

The fabrics and hardware are hand selected for each creation, and the suppliers visited and inspected on an yearly basis.

The iconic design

Our designs are transferred to patterns available in a variety of sizes that provide a diverse range of wearability options.

The patterns are created to reduce excess waste, ensure the resilience of the of the garment while remaining faithful to the design identity. All of the patterns are unique to our brand.

The expert hands

Skilled Italian craftswomen and craftsmen hand stitch and assemble your garment dedicating time and care to each step so that the strong construction ensures even the most delicate designs last.

We use high-thread count stitching, silk threads and more than double the industry standard time for each garment construction.

The packaging and shipping

Once a garment is completed we conduct our quality control steps with meticulous attention and handwrap it in our signature packaging before shipping it.

Our packaging is sourced from Forest Stewarship Council sources that responsibly manage forest domains around the world.